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Friday, July 07, 2006

Honesty, It’s Hardly Ever Heard

I didn’t work on the novel Wednesday night like I promised you. Like I promised me. I ended up talking with a friend instead, telling myself that a friend in need was more important than writing. Except the conversation wasn’t about life stuff and the friend wasn’t “in need”. My excuse was pure bullshit.

The good news (which, by the way, makes admitting the bad oh so much easier) is that I did get back to the novel on Thursday. Five minutes in and I was gone. The world around me melted away. The worries and fears were lost to me. It was all about story. That story. And I was able to edit chapter 1. Today I’ll edit chapter 2.

And it felt good, as it always does.

By the way, my main character, a “psychic” named James Hoover, doesn’t go anywhere without his trusty TC1100 tablet pc (:

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