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Monday, July 10, 2006

Using the Microsoft Office Word 2007 Beta (Part 2)

One of the cool new features in word 2007 is the ability to blog right from Word. I don't have any experience working with 3rd party software to do this, so I don't have anything to compare Word's implementation to. That said, I like what they've done here.

After answering a few configuration questions, you're good to go. When you create a new document, you now have the option of creating a blog entry. Once you've created your entry, using familiar Word tools, you click "Publish" on the Ribbon to post your entry to your blog. It's that easy.

Caveats: Okay, it's a beta and it's definitely unfinished. Posting graphics is still an issue and on some blog sites (Wordpress, for instance) the entry is posted but the posting date defaults to January of 1970! I expect these issues will be resolved by release, and likely, in time for the RC1 release.. As it stands, I'm impressed.

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