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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bringing in the New Year -- an Invite

So what the hell do non-party people do on New Years Eve you ask? Well, check out the following e-mail I just sent out to some friends...and please note, if you're one of my LOCAL friends, and you didn't receive this e-mail, I apologize GREATLY. This is about as impulsive as I get, and I planned, composed, and fired off this e-mail in less than 10 minutes. That means the guest list was particularly random. If you weren't on the list, it DOESN'T mean you're not invited, just the opposite! I quickly added some local folks to the TO box, but if you need a place to be, please drop by.


Hey guys,

It’s late. 2:28 a.m. here, and I’ve been chatting with Keith on IM. Keith is “writing until dawn” today, so it got me thinking – what a GREAT way to start the new year. So that’s what I’m gonna do. I’ll be writing, as long as I can, from about 11:30 p.m. until dawn or thereabouts. Maybe a late night pizza or two. A pot of hot coffee. Cats. I’m writing this on the off chance that you might wanna do the same thing. Pack up your sleeping bag and join me. I’m thinking New Year’s annual event here, cause it just feels right. If this is too short notice (as it would likely be for me), or you have a life, or sleep is gold, this probably sounds like a very bad idea, and you know, you’re probably right.


Anyway, I won’t be home much between now and then, so it’s gonna be a totally unplanned, low key, low stress event. In fact, it may just be me. But if it feels right, like I think it will, I’ll do it again next year. So this is your invite. For this year. And next year. Keep it, okay.


Oh yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Sidney said...

Man, I'll be with you in spirit. Sounds like a great idea!

We're going out to dinner here but then it's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

Maybe I'll send an e-mail at midnight.

Charles Gramlich said...

I have the Blackwater trilogy in an omnibus edition from the Science Fiction Book Club but have never read it. Thanks to you and Sid it's now moved up on my list. If I can just find it among the piles of unread books around here somewhere.

Clifford said...

Hey Charles,

I hope you have BOTH omnibus editions! There are six short books in the Blackwater saga and the SF Book club released it in two omnibus editions. The original paperbacks were released a month apart -- just like King later did with The Green Mile.

The Green Mile was good, but McDowell's books were even better and more suspensful...

Clifford said...

Thanks for the well-wishes, Sid. After dinner, you could hop on a plane and join us!

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