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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ink Bogging for the People

Ed Holloway, author of the Ink Blog plug-in

for Window Live Writer, has posted step-by-

step instructions on his blog for setting up

a free FTP site so that you can use

Live Writer to post images (along with you

text) to Blogger, easily and quickly;

bringing Ink Blogging to the masses!

Ain't it cool?


Sumocat said...

Extremely cool. You'll need to readjust your blog template though. The ink bleeds into the right menu when viewed in Firefox.

Clifford said...

Thanks! Same problem in IE. Still working out the bugs, but at least now, I can post from Live Writer!

I know very rudimentary HTML, so digging into the template is tricky...I'll figure it out, but it may take a bit. I'm surprised that it bleeds out and overlaps the sidebar -- not sure why/how that could be, but I'm on my way...

Malinda said...

Love your handwriting! Keep up the great work. Your cats are soo cute. Its amazing how they can lay comfortably in the most un-comfortable looking positions.

Malinda said...

Thanks for the comment! I agree Nancy is Satan, but I just can't help watching her. I guess I'm observing How NOT to act. :)

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