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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Music To Compose By


Malinda said...

I love the music of Enya. There's just something about her voice. It does not distract me, it only calms my soul. This is what music should be.

I agree that it is too confusing to listen to lyrics while writing. In fact its too confusing to do anything but sing in my case. LOL

Clifford said...

lol! I've tried Enya, but for the most part, I'm a horror writer. Ghost stories and the like. Enya often puts me in the wrong mood to yell "boo"!

Sidney said...

Depending on my mood and what I'm writing I like Enya and sometimes Tangerine Dream. There's an album called Tyger that I've listened to off and on for years. It has a few tunes with words, sort of, but much of it's lyric free.

Sumocat said...

You guys are going to love my fix for this dilemma. When I want music with lyrics that are not distracting, I listen to Japanese pop via Japan-A-Radio. Works great for me because, even though I am of Japanese ancestry, I don't understand the language. Music with lyrics without the distraction of sing-along.

Clifford said...


That's pretty creative, but if Japanese pop radio is like US pop radio, within a week I'll be singing in Japanese because of the heavy rotation!

Anonymous said...

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Clifford said...

Anonymous dude, that was a joke, right? Seriously, whatever rocks your boat. But I'm thinking this is a paid advertising site, right?

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