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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Write What You Feel


Charles Gramlich said...

Maybe when they make a Quill Pen for the tablet, I'll get one. Us luddites like the old ways, you know. That aside, however, I'm enjoying my new vista machine, although why they needed to change everything around on MS Word is unclear to me.

Clifford said...


Glad you're enjoying Vista--I haven't ordered my new tablet PC yet, and I haven't received my free update to my desktop machine. I am running a pre-release version on my desktop though, and I don't wanna go back to XP.

As for Word, give it a couple weeks and I'm sure you'll begin to appreciate the new ribbon interface. The main reason they made the change was due to the fact that more than 90% of all feature requests they received were for features that were already in the program -- people just couldn't find them. They've stated that when Word was originally released, it had 150 commands. Today, Word has over 1,500 commands...so menu bars are no longer an effective way to manage all those commands. I whole-heartedly agree. The new ribbon is really nice - I still have trouble finding some things, but once I do, finding them again is easier because of the layout logic.

Sidney said...

It's interesting that technology is actually bringing things full circle, from the keyboard back to the pen. It actually does seem to open a new door for those who like the pen and paper creative experience better.

That's interesting about Word and the commands. I'd read ages back that frequently some bells and whistles that weren't particularly useful got better placement in Word and other programs because they were used in product demos and they looked "sexy."

I'm looking forward to the new stuff, but it may be a while before I adopt.

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