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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Okay, every once in a while my scrawly handwriting gets misinterpreted by Vista. Today, I wrote "dialed", but on review, I noted it was translated as "ciliated". Is that even a word? When translating your handwriting to text, Vista consults its dictionary along with a database of all the words on your tablet PC (it reads your search index), so it's often right more often then not. But ciliated? Hmm. If it's not a word, it should be.


Stewart Sternberg said...

I like the word. Some other uses: "She put her hand against the lower part of my abdomen and ciliated me." Badda boom. Or how about.."The presidential candidate, when asked about his stand on corporate greed, ciliated and moved onto the next question."

Truth be told, this would be the most accurate usage of the word: "Cheney is one of the more malignant forms of ciliates in the pond."

Sidney said...

That's almost like "found poetry." Or maybe it's a "found word of the day."

Clifford said...


You hit it out of the park with the Cheney sentence. Webster would be proud!


Yeah, it's a cool discovery, isn't it. It just rolls off the tongue...

Clifford said...

Sureeal recollection: Isn't there a children's book about a kid named Harold and his purple crayon? Is this the same Harold, all grown up?

Unintentionally bizarre.

Charles Gramlich said...

interesting because cilia actually has to do with hair. ciliated would mean to have multiple cilial. So the program is actually processing information to decide what is most likely appropriate. Damn, the machine can think.

Clifford said...


I was thinking that the other day while using Word 2007. They added a new feature to the spell checker so it now looks at context and can often figure out, for instance, when you meant "their" instead of "they're". I love the feature (cause I do that a LOT). One day, they may just produce a grammar checker that bests the best. Scary.

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