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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Free Concerts?

Okay, last Sunday I went to a free concert at Stern Grove. Stern Grove is in The Sunset, which is the neighborhood right next to The Richmond, where I live. When I leave town, I generally drive through The Sunset -- right past Stern Grove.

Testing Camera and Stern Grove 006

Every summer, they have free concerts on Sunday afternoons. I've said, time and time again, that I was going to go, but never had. Well, my new boss invited me to join her and some friends last Sunday, and I'm glad I did. Stern Grove is on a BUSY street that heads out to a number of connecting freeways. As you drive past, all you can see of it is a row of trees. I had no idea what was beyond the row of trees. I'm glad I found out.

Testing Camera and Stern Grove 009

These photos were taken with my new digital camera (my old one gave up the ghost about 6 months ago). Anyway, check out the photos...the place is positively beautiful. This city is amazing how in the midst of concrete and commerce, there are these amazing giant patches of wilderness. If it weren't for a couple banners and billboards, I would have continued to pass by and not even realize what lay between and beneath the row of streetside trees.

Testing Camera and Stern Grove 005

They've been doing this since 1938 -- this is the 70th season. My boss and her boyfriend arrived a couple of hours early to secure a good spot near the stage where we laid out our blankets and picnicked on olives and breads and drunken plums and wine. We were close, but over to the side, so we had to squeeze up close to the stage through the throngs of people dancing to get a good look at the performers.

The music was amazing middle eastern pop. The crowd was amazingly laid back and cool -- met a couple intersting women at the next blanket, one was a local PBS talk show host, the other was involved in an upcoming Green Festival. Both were fascinating and we stayed well beyond the end of the show talking and frisbee tossing and just relaxing. Another music-related good time...I see a pattern forming.


Charles Gramlich said...

Wow, sounds like a great time. I like the fact that most cities still have some good sized park space. If we could only get rid of more billboards.

Kate S said...

Beautiful place. You sure seem to get around. ;)

Clifford said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clifford said...

Get around? My last vacation was in SF ):

That said, every week I find I have to pick and choose among all the entertainment options in SF. There's just too many to choose from. I like that about this place, but it creates its own stresses.

Kate S said...

Hey Clifford, if I make it to Sunset Foods instead of Jewel (two local grocery stores) I feel like I've expanded my horizons, therefore you seem the intrepid traveler to me. ;)

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