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Friday, August 17, 2007

Bus Stop Blog #1

I'm sitting at a bus stop waiting for the always late #33. Really. It's almost midnight, but luckily, one of the neighbors has an open WIFI connection, so here I sit, blogging.

It's been a full day. For once, in a long time, I got most of the stuff I intended to get done, done. A friend and I even met at a cafe and wrote from 7-9 pm. On the Thursdays that aren't Writer's Meeting nights, I'm inviting the member to come out and write with me. It's a no pressure deal, so I expect few people to actually show, but you never know --these folks are dedicated.

Anyway, tonight during our 7-9 write, I revised a short story AND submitted it to three markets, which was more than I expected to accomplish tonight.

So I sit here and blog, feeling a bit full of myself tonight, because I also completed the revision to the second third of my novel (the middle) and. emailed it off to my writers group right on time.

And finally, right before I started this blog entry, a motorcyclist sped by blaring Tubular Bells theme to The Exorcist.

Yeah, its one of those days that turned out pretty okay. Now, if the #33 would show...


Kate S said...

Ah! I see my predictions from the past post have come true - damn, I'm good! lol

Sounds like you accomplished a lot - congratulations. Good luck with the submissions. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Congrats on getting the story out, and the revision done. You productive devil you.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Tubular Bells!

And, can't wait to read your excerpt...got it printed out right here.


Clifford said...

Thanks Kate and Charles!

And Calendula, thanks for the support...hope it feels like it's going somewhere!

Carlos Ferrão said...

How does your writing group work? I really like the idea of writing together with other people, even if it's not collaborating in projects but more like a study group.


Clifford said...


The writing group is a novel writing group -- we critique one novel at a time over a 6-week period (we reive 1/3 of the novel every two weeks). Between each novel, we have a "reading", where we read to each other something we're proud of -- this night is NOT about critiquing, but solely a time to appreciate each other's talents.

The Thursday Writes is all about setting aside a few hours to write in the company of other writers...

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