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Sunday, October 21, 2007

The 5-Second Rule

Okay, I just read a very funny blog entry on Scott Hanselman's blog. He write's about the 5-second rule -- you know the one, if you drop something on the floor it's okay to eat it if you pick up within 5 seconds.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, it kind of makes sense to me.


Anyway, he asked his readers from other countries to chime in and let him know if they have an equivalent in their countries. The responses are amusing.



Sidney said...

Too bad you don't get a five-second-grace period when you drop say, grape jelly, on your shirt. If only it wouldn't stain if you got it off quickly.

Clifford said...

Ah, the grape jelly rule. I think one does in fact exist, but it's a .0000000005071 second rule. A little harder to make happen.

Charles Gramlich said...

This rule really really depends on the floor.

Kate S said...

Oh, those were so funny. I've always heard of it as the two-second rule. Doesn't give me much time. ;)

Loved the quote in the comments that "the only time you can't eat M&Ms if from the vacuum bag."

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