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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Writing in all the wrong places

I'm in the Sony Metreon. Writing my NanoNovel. Wrote 2,000 words yesterday, after virtually a week of not being able to do much. Wrote another 2K today so far.

beo Oh, for those of you who don't know, the Sony Metreon is an entertainment complex owned by Sony...you can buy all manner of Sony electronic products, visit their food court, attend a traveling exhibit (this month it's Leonardo DaVinci), play electronic games in the Playstation store, or go to a movie on one of their many screens. A couple of the screens are Imax screens, and I'm waiting to see Beowulf in 3-D on an Imax screen. Beowulf and I go back a ways...all the way to my first day in college, where my Renaissance literature teacher assigned it (the entire work) as the first night of homework...

But I digress. This is about writing. I'm sitting at a table, in the food court, writing (and using their free wireless). And it reminds me that the best part about Nano is that it proves that if you've a mind for it, you can squeeze in time to write almost anywhere.

So I write. About 1,500 words so far (in the food court), and intend to write another 1,500 before the movie starts at 10:45. It will get me back in the game, but not anywhere close to where I need to be. I hope, next week, to clock in like 4-5,000 per day. If I do that, or come close, I should have a decent, though not winning, word count at the end of the month. If that doesn't happen, I'll have to shoot for the middle of December to finish my own personal challenge.

Yeah, the month has been challenging...but not without it's little joys. I find, these days that the diversions are just as important as the work, so I try to have fun as often as possible. Hence the movie tonight.

That said, friends have been great and keep me busy. In fact, I had to blow off two VERY kind and interesting invitations from friends today. Both, I dearly wanted to do, but in the end, my body said this weekend has to be more low-key. So I listened.

Anyway, back to writing. Man, it sure feels good. Nothing I enjoy better than pure creation...thanks Chris Baty, for creating Nanowrimo, and sharing this crazy idea of yours with the rest of us.

Maybe, if I get close, I'll attend the "Thank God It's Over" party and thank you in person.

1 comment:

Charles Gramlich said...

Yeah, sometimes our bodies scream out enough. Time for some rest, some introspection.

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