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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hurry! For a limited time only, save 1% on Swords of Talera!

Okay, I've been meaning to purchase Swords of Talera, because I kinda know the author you see, and he's major cool, so even though I don't read S&S fiction, I trust him to take me some place good (:

So I was VERY surprised when I landed on my Amazon home page a few moments ago and sawimage this stunning recommendation!

Okay, call me an ingrate, but come on, if you can't go more than 1%, don't go at all! Talk about your disincentives!

I figure the publisher must not be offering Amazon enough to be able to discount it and still make sense, so rather than charging full price, they're offering up this paltry excuse for a discount!

Yeah, I laughed. And no, it will not in any way dissuade me from getting mine, but I may purchase it somewhere else. Maybe even directly from the publisher. Or, better yet, maybe I can buy one from the AUTHOR and convince him to inscribe something nice and surreal and a bit disturbing in it for me.

And NO, I'm not looking for a discount from the author -- that's just CHEAP. I've never understood why friends and family are there with the hands out when one of their posse done good. Instead of expecting a handout or a discount, they should be paying MORE than the asking price, in support, and to do their little bit to help make the venture a success. And they should buy it, even if the subject matter doesn't interest them in the least. Okay, that's a rant for another day. Today, I just wanted to give props to an intelligent, witty, and creative gentlemen (that's you, Charles) that I'm honored to have stumbled upon via the net, and to blow a little raspberry in the direction of the loveable, hulking behemoth (that's you Amazon) in the room.

Hey, I think I know the perfect stocking stuffer for that sword and sorcery or fantasy fan on your list...


Charles Gramlich said...

LOL. A whole 1 percent. Thanks for posting this though. I appreciate the commentary. I'll email you and if you want a copy I'll be happy to sign one and send it to you. I've got some copies around the house, as I imagine most writers do.

Charles Gramlich said...
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