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Monday, April 28, 2008

The Cleanest Beard in Town

I'm being groomed. Fenix is glad to be home. And he's glad I'm back. Cougar got in trouble for attacking Fenix so he's napping. He's a little pissed at me, but he's happy I'm back, too. It's nice to be missed.


calendula-witch said...

Ew. ;-)

syzygy13 said...

yayyy! licksies are the best. kinda gross, yeah, but really sweet. and then there's when they just keep licking, and keep licking, and - ay!

i discovered a fun thing to do - well, with a pretty mellow cat, anyway - on day when our kitty dennis just wouldn't stop licking. just grabbed his tongue! So hard to do on humans, but since cats have that lovely set of hooks, it's easy as pie.

really prickly pie.

Clifford said...

Synergy Boy,

No you didn't! Not to our pal Dennis...he's way to sweet for a tongue-ectomy. But yeah, they can get a bit insistent. But today, I had to indulge, cause it was a long hard week for the little guy and he was just letting me know how much he appreciated me. Damn. What can you do (:

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