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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Book of Damned Knowledge

Book1 I love those very cool leather-bound blank books: they look good, feel nice, and are just fun. Except, I use a tablet PC and wouldn't give up the extra functionality for anything.

I realized I don't have to. Or, Ken Hinkley, the researcher behind Inkseine, pointed it out to me. He came up with a method of scanning blank pages from old tomes and using those scans as template pages in Inkseine. I finally got around to scanning some pages and bBook 3egan my own "Book of Damned Knowledge".

Have I mentioned how much I love Inkseine? Believe it  or not, I haven't  really been able to work it into my workflow, because OneNote--the lovechild. of Word and all things holy--is my right hand man, and for the most part, Inkseine, while wildly RIGHT, doesn't have the organizational features of OneNote yet, so I fall back to OneNote for all my note taking. But this use, more a fiction ideas journal than anything else, is different. It begs for something looser and more pen-centric, and so begat the Book of Damned Knowledge...more on Inkseine as I use it more, I promise.


Phil said...

I was in the name position, with OneNote being my organised notetaker, but then found I could brainstorm in InkSeine and paste the text over.

I can do research more effectively, add things to my notes from it and then move them into OneNote.

Clifford said...


Good points. Maybe I'll give it another try, because IS is great at brainstorming and searching, for stuff while ON is great at organizing and retrieving stuff. If we're lucky, they're working on adding IS capabilities to ON as we speak!.

Ken Hinckley said...

Nice "book," Cliff! I think you officially have the record for "longest InkSeine note" now. I guess we really should come up with a better way to deal with that many pages, huh?

Keep on writing 'n' inking :-)

Clifford said...


Lol! You know how wordy I can be, so yeah, as I was making my book I couldn't stop at just just a handfull of pages. Heh. That said, I'm no graphics guru, so I need to play around with bumping up the resolution and keeping the file size low...right now my book is a little fuzzy around the edges...that said, it works for me.

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