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Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm spreading a virus ):

Picture this...you're an employer see, and you get a resume from some guy you don't know, but hey, it's not half bad. So you go to his Website to check out his wares, and boom, he gives you a freaking virus!

Do you

A) hire him?

B) notify everyone you've been intimate with over the last few month?

C) move on until you find a "clean" candidate?

D) arrange another tryst?

Okay, I'm betting you've chosen C, and really, I can't blame you. After visiting my own site numerous times, while trying to ensure my host had really removed the offending bug, my own system got infected!!!

I freaking infected myself.

Sigh. This morning my system wouldn't boot. Fortunately, the repair function of Vista is very good and I was back in business in like half an hour. I then had to run a full virus scan on Eleanor3, and that took forever, but it found and removed it for me...why it didn't PROTECT me from it, I'll never know ):

So if you've been around me lately, well, you've been notified.


Minda said...

Uhhh...What are the symptoms of the computer virus you have??? Just wanting to know what to watch out for on my computer. LOL.

Charles Gramlich said...

Typhoid Cliff

Clifford said...

Minda...I don't know if I was clear...it's not the blog that had the infection, but my Web site...a fairly boring resume depository.

Minda said...

Oh ok thank goodness. I was scared for a moment there. I come here a lot. LOL.

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