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Friday, May 16, 2008

You wouldn't know the truth...

...if it hit you in the face!

That's what my mom used to say to me. And you know, she's right. I have this really bad habit of telling fantastic whoppers. They're not lies in the true sense, because they're crafted to be so outlandish that if you have a clue, well, you'll know it's a lie. And that's the point. I guess.

The reason I'm sharing this is because I just received an email from a friend who I saw last night -- she asked if I had lost weight!  Maybe she saw my butt crack, I don't know, but she did ask! Anyway, in my reply I told her the reason I was losing weight was for the Peeps, and that as soon as I got to my correct weight I was going to so be on those Peeps -- but with a knife and fork this time, so that I could savor rather than devour...

Okay, how much of that is true. Hmm...since I don't like Peeps, well, not much. Of course Peeps, being what they are, they just seemed like the right thing. And once, she brought a box of pink ones to a writer's meeting (I didn't touch em), so they were fare game. Call it a character flaw, if you must, but you should know that I'm an obligate liar ... who rarely lies.

And that's the truth. Really.

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