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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cafe Writer Tip #1

Vista's Snipping Tool

This is my very first video tip. Yeah, it's rough, but what can I say. Hopefully, if this works out, this will become a regular feature of this blog. Oh yeah, the reason this came together when it did is I'm using a couple of free apps from Microsoft to pull it alltogether. First, the Microsoft Office team has a new site, Microsoft Office Labs, where they will be trying out new concepts and ideas for Office to see if they're viable before allocating the resources to implement the concept in Office. One of their first offerings is a screen recorder called "Community Clips," where the idea is that members of the Microsoft Office community can record little tutorials in order to share their knowledge and expertise with other members of the community. The other tool is one I've been using for a while: Windows Live Writer (WLW). WLW is a blogging tool par excellence... it makes creating blog entries simple and fun. They've just released a tech preview of the next version of WLW and it makes adding video as simple as adding a photo--though it takes a while for your video to upload and get processed by their Soapbox servers.


Charles Gramlich said...

I have a vista machine so I'll have to look into this Live writer thing for blogging.

Wonder Man said...

thanks for the info

Clifford said...

Charles and wonder man, glad you found the info helpful.

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