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Thursday, June 26, 2008

If he wipes his butt, I'm outta here!

Cougar goes through phases. As many of you know, he's toilet trained. Every once in a while, he goes through a period where he decides he should use toilet paper after he goes. I enter the bathroom and find he's pulled the toilet paper off the roll and stuffed it in the toilet. Not all of it, mind you, but enough to shock one's green sensibilities. It doesn't seem to matter whether he's just done #1 or #2, he just needs to, um, paper.

If I ever catch him wiping, that's it, I'm outta there. I'll continue to pay the rent and drop off kibble, but other than that, he's on his own.

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This is me and one of my two cats. His name is Cougar, and he’s an F1 Chausie. A chausie is a new breed of cat under development. Chausies are the result of a cross between a domestic cat (in Cougar’s case, a Bengal) and a jungle cat (Felis Chaus). Cougar’s mom is 8 pounds and his father is a 30-pound jungle cat. He’s about 16 pounds, super intelligent, spirited, and toilet trained. A writer without a cat (or two) is not to be trusted.