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Friday, July 25, 2008

Hey, is that Kevin Bacon?

I’ve been using Twitter for a few weeks now, and it’s time to assess this internet phenom. Hmm.

At first I was skeptical. Actually, more than skeptical as I thought, oh my god, who in their right mind would install this on their cell phone (okay, if I was a teen, yeah, but other than that?). So I didn’t hook up the cell phone, but found a sidebar gadget that I added to Vista. Hmm.

And then I realized that maybe 10 percent of the time, it didn’t work. Dropped messages. No updates. Etc. Hmm.

And then folks started showing up in a Kevin Bacon, 6 Degrees sort of way. And I was given the option of following them, and checking out their web sites. And I did. By the end of the second week, more and more people began showing up And for the most part, those people are very interesting folks. But I worried that my Twitter sidebar gadget would be going off nonstop (it tweets when a new message arrives), but it’s not. Most people, it seems, have these little bursts of activity and then go fallow, reading, I suspect, rather than writing. So it’s definitely not the overbearing annoyance I thought it would become.

In fact, it’s kinda nice.

I wish I had time to explore all of the folks who’ve found their way to my twit id, but I haven’t been able to. That said, I do try to check out their site when they first begin following me, and in virtually all cases, it’s been fascinating…


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Sidney said...

I kind of like Twitter, not sure if people ave noticed it much where I put it on my blog, but it's cool to be able to send microbursts.

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