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Friday, July 25, 2008

I have no pen yet I must write

Okay, it’s late Friday, and as I sat down to work, in laptop mode, I went for the pen in its silo, and it wouldn’t come out. The eraser bit sticks out, but when I push it all the way in, the mechanism doesn’t click and it doesn’t pop back out.

This is definitely a design flaw on this unit, as this is the second time it’s happened in the year and a half I’ve had this unit.

I paid for the 24-hour onsite service when I purchased Eleanor, so it’s no problem, except, these things ALWAYS seem to happen on a Friday afternoon, so they won’t be able to ship the part to the repair guy until Monday, meaning he won’t be out at my place until Tuesday, making my 24-hour window more a 96-hour window! Ouch!

The good thing is I have a spare pen or two around the house. Actually, I have a nifty Cross pen that I rarely use because I’m afraid to lose it, but that’s at home. I’ll have to carry it around with me until Tuesday, when Mr. Repair guy stops by.


elkit said...

I love you for this headline!

I have not thought in years of the fabulous sci-fi story you are playing on. Thanks for the reminder.

archiwiz said...

Nice title, and nice header picture. What inspired that?

I guess you'll have to keep the Cross pen on a leash around your neck or something...

Clifford said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clifford said...


Yeah, Harlan Ellison was an amazing writer...unfortunately, I "met" him at the Horror Writer's of America Stoker Awards Banquest once...he was the most insufferably arrogant person I ever met. That one of the name writers there didn't punch him in the mouth is evidence of the true genteel nature of most horror writers...

@archiwiz -- thanks for the kind comments. One of my dream project is a coffee table book of doodles, so of late, I've been collecting mine, though I rarely doodle anymore. I didn't for years, but the tablet is slowly bringing that habit back!

7:35 PM

Carlos Ferrao said...

My TC4400 came with a little string you could attach to the back of the pen, so you could always pull it out even if the mechanism didn't snap into place. Doesn't look very cool, but is very handy.

Carlos Ferrao said...

And btw, you're not #1 in google for "tablet writer" any more. :(

archiwiz said...

Ahh...I can see how that'll make for light chuckling at a coffee table. Maybe even a collaboration of doodles from tablet doodlers....Hmmm.....maybe a blog of tablet doodles for a start? :) Doodle a doodle doo...Ok that was silly...

@ carlos...He still is no. 1 for "tablet writer". I just checked.

Carlos Ferrao said...

Yeah, with the quotes he is still #1. Must convince him to monetize this.

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