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Thursday, September 04, 2008

More Mind Mapping Goodness

Check this out:


You can actually link your doc/story/project right in your mind map, and then, when you need to see the doc, just click on it and a sidebar opens with your Word doc in it! The example above is the story I’m currently slogging through, and the cool thing is, not only can I reference the Word doc from within MindManager Pro 7, but I can even EDIT it right there, in the sidebar. If you don’t think that’s cool, well, I don’t think I want to know you anymore. Heh.

Update: You can open the Word doc in Word from your map, work on it in the full version of Word, save it, and you're dropped right back into your MindManager map.


synergy boy said...

okay, that is just too damn sexy. now, i know they have this for the mac too, and i'm seriously considering getting it. however, the main hang up is that i don't have a tablet. everything will have to go through the keyboard. have you tried it, keyboard only? if you think it's still worth it, then i think i want to try it. although they have a demo version anyway, right? maybe i should just suck it up and do it.

what do you think?

Clifford said...

For pure creative energy, I prefer using the tablet and ink...that's how I roll (: But for work, for instance, and when speed is necessary, I've used the keyboard, and it's just as easy and comfortable as the pen (well, very close). The thing about the pen is that it doesn't always best the keyboard...it's all about the right tool for the right situation. Yeah, you should give it a try! It's serious fun! Hey, see you later today!

synergy boy said...

Hey man! so, did you get the latest iteration of the evite? the venue has changed! let me know if you can't get into the evite, or need more info - call me.


Clifford said...

Got it!Daly City it is!

spyscribbler said...

You got me going on Mind Mapping. I've resisted it for a long time, but I just downloaded a few trial programs last night and I'm already hooked for life.

But sheesh. They are expensive! There's Freemind, but iMindMap is so pretty!

Clifford said...

Oh yeah, they're INSANELY expensive. I broke down and bought mine...through my sister. She's an administrator so she gets the educational discount price. Find a student to help you out!

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