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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

If it quacks like a duck…

Best Buy announced that despite brisk sales on Black Friday, earnings came in 77% lower than last year for the September – November period.

No, we’re not zooming headfirst into the big ‘d’…don’t even breath it…


syzygy13 said...

Demonoid? Delilah? Dragoon? Dalrymple?

Or just, "What? Our economy's in *&$^hole?"

"Well, duh!"

Charles Gramlich said...

when "tech" buys go downhill it's not a good sign.

Sidney said...

I was a little hopeful hearing the housing news today. When's this gonna end?

Clifford said...

Yeah, I'm scared to ask when it's gonna end ... because it can't be soon enough. Dalymples are rough I'm afraid.

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