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Monday, December 01, 2008

The Master Speaks

Alejandro“Most directors make films with their eyes;

I make films with my testicles.”

--Alejandro Jodorowsky, Writer/Director



Charles Gramlich said...

I guess that means his films have balls.

Clifford said...

Heh. Yeah, something like that. English isn't his first (or second) language though, so often there's deeper meaning to EVERYTHING he says and does.

archiwiz said...

Well I guess it begs the question. Does he have any left? :p

syzygy13 said...

so, what he's saying is that all filmmakers make their films using orb-like parts of the body that really shouldn't be moved from the places they belong, much less handling celluloid! Is that good for the film? Wait, is that what he meant by "special effects?" ;)

Clifford said...

@Synergy Boy,

You're putting, uh, words in his mouth! You know, when I took that creativity/tarot seminar with him, he mentioned that his art is made from a male perspective, and that no matter what he creates, it will be masculine becuase it is of him, or something like that. I think he was saying the same thing here, using fewer words.

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