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Sunday, December 07, 2008

My skinny ass kitty

I came home a little late tonight, after being stood up for the umpteenth time by an old friend of mine (it’s so frequent that I KNEW it was going to happen and really didn’t believe we’d really get together tonight), and Cougar was at the back door, meowing pitifully. He’s been living outside for what? Nearly three weeks, I think. During that time I’ve seen him twice. I’ve been putting food out for him, and checking the back yard every time I come or go, but nope, he was never waiting for me. In the mornings though, the food was gone, so I figured that he was eating it late at night (bad for your digestion, you know).

Maybe it wasn’t him.

He is sooo skinny…like he’s eaten very little over the course. After I opened the door for him, I made him walk up the back steps with me as my hands were full with my laptop bag and a bag of groceries…I made him walk rather than picking him up…after all, he left me. Yeah, I was still feeling a bit hurt, I guess.

So now I’ve got him on the couch, beside me, snuggled in the bed pillow. Fenix wants to smell EVERY inch of him 64 times so I have to keep him at bay. As per usual, Fenix’s attention  pisses Cougar off, so I keep sending Fenix away…let’s face it, Cougar needs a little time with me right now.

Now Fenix is pacing/howling/angry that Cougar’s come back. It’s just so unfair, he reasons, and I’m trying to understand his side of the coin, but it’s not his night. Cougar needs a bit of TLC right now, and well, he’s going to get it. I may have to put Fenix in the bedroom tonight which will piss him off (he loves the bedroom, but CAN’T stand the idea of Cougar having access to me when he doesn’t).

Damn, why can’t it just be the blissful house it once was…with both my cats at my side as I type my way into the night…

Cougar is tired right now…but when I look at him, he can’t help getting his skinny little ass up and giving me a loving head butt. And I do mean skinny….the poor baby looks like he hasn’t eaaten a thing in 3 weeks. He ate a full can of Fancy Feast when he first came in, and nibbled on some kibble (he loves Fancy Feast, but must have his Kibble too). Gave him (them) some treats too, which he didn’t turn his nose up at. Gonna have to be careful I don’t overfeed the little string bean as he bulks back up. Should take too long…

P.S. Cougar STINKS of the outdoors, but he’s already beginning to clean himself. I know that by morning he’s going to smell fresh as a daisy…the magic of catdom!

P.S.S. Cougar needs to sleep…but every five minutes he has to get up, get in my lap, head butt me, and make that magical purr sound that lowers blood pressure and produces a sense of well-being in the recipient of it…sure is nice to have my little buddy back…even if he decides to go back out tomorrow.

P.S.S.S. I swatted Fenix…I know I shouldn’t have, but he kept coming up on Cougar and then hissing like a fool. Couldn’t stop him…so I swatted him. He’s now sitting in a chair, sulking. He’s looking at me like I broke his heart. Oh damn, damn, damn, damn! I’m living with a couple drama queens, I swear, and I’m so into low-maintenance relationships.


Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like Cougar had an adventure. Wish he could write it down for us.

spyscribbler said...

Awww, yay, he's back! My one cat and the other really go at it every now and then. They play, too, but when he steps over her line, she will put him in his place.

Last night, she wouldn't let him come upstairs. Every time he would come up, she'd look at him like, "What'd I tell you?" And then race after him and put him downstairs again.

After a week or so, she lets him grovel again. She's rules with an iron fist. To us, she acts like this sweet little submissive princess, LOL!

spyscribbler said...

I forgot to mention: she's all of 8 pounds, and he's 18. She doesn't know it, though.

Sidney said...

Glad to hear he's back!

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