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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama et my kitty psychosis

thumbnailCAI5YBQV Okay, it’s too early to say for sure, but damn, it’s been over 48 hours now.

You see, on Tuesday, Obama was inaugurated. Remember? Yeah, it was a pretty special day for democrats and progressives and good people all. But something even MORE spectacular and singular and just all-out miraculous happened.

Cougar and Fenix signed a peace treaty. Not only that, I caught them grooming each other…something they haven’t really done in months. And then, in the wee hours, they began chasing each other through the apartment. Okay, that’s not really cool at three o’clock in the morning because I’ve got hardwood floors and neighbors beneath me, but Tuesday (Wednesday, actually), I just couldn’t stop them. It has been a couple year since they’ve done that.

And tonight, they’re still drinking mello yellow and regarding each other with something akin to respectful tolerance, and right before I began this post, I caught them grooming each other again. It didn’t last long…about 10 seconds…before it devolved into neck biting alpha cat behavior, but even that was fleeting and didn’t turn into the usual testosterone-laced faceoff and guttural moaning exchange that it usually does. It was just like the old days.

48 hours may not be long enough to proclaim a tide change at my place, but man, it’s hasn’t been this good in two years, so I’m thinking that this is a sign that the Obama administration is about to cure what ills us.

And maybe, just maybe, my two boys have finally turned the corner on their irrational and unfounded destestation of each other.

It feels like the first day of the rest of my life here….thank you, President Obama!


Sidney said...

That's great news on all counts.

My cat Oliver has learned that if he fights with our senior tomcat, Monty, that he might get put out the back door. Now in the evenings, he'll dive onto Monty and when I go to break them up, Oliver trots to the back door as if to say: "You're right, I should not be allowed to stay in among you. Put me out, put me out to teach me my lesson."

Aoibheall said...

I think that now that Cougar has finally come out of the closet, Fenix resents him less. But it's hard living with someone who's only just exploring their sexual identity as a gay rodeo cat, so there's bound to be some continuing rough spots. I think in the end, they'll be sitting on the couch together, grooming each other and watching Judy Garland movies.

Clifford said...


I wish I could do the "outside with you" thing with Cougar and Fenix, but it's just too dangerous...fortunately, they're still doing "okay". Not as good as a couple days ago, but the fighting is still not as frequent or nearly as fierce.


Good theory, but Cougar's been out for a while now. As for the Judy flicks, there's a moratorium on those (and no televsion), so it ain't gonna happen!

Thomas said...

Hello Cliff. Longtime no hear. Are you planning on going to World Horror Con in Winnipeg? I'm 50/50.

As you know, antiwar is my big issue, which is why I voted for Ron Paul. (He received 17,006 write-ins in California.)

And being antiwar, I'm not too hopeful about Obama. Rahm Emanual, Hillary Clinton?

I assume you're keeping up on news, but see what one progressive site has to say about Obama's neocon picks: http://www.alternet.org/audits/122174/will_obama_stack_his_middle_east_team_with_neoconservative_ideologues/?page=entire

Or just click my name, above.


Clifford said...


While I don't agree with a lot of Obama's picks either, I have to say, grudgingly, I admire his decision to incorporate people of differing outlooks and opinions. With all the problems we're currently facing, the biggest one to Americans, as a people, seems to be how divided we've become. Real change can't happen until we come together...

Thomas said...

Yes, we have to come together. And I'm glad Obama has some Republicans in his administration. But do they have to be pro-war Republicans? Or so many pro-war Democrats?

He promised unity, but he also promised "change we can believe in."

I wish he'd appointed Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, and some other "outside the box" types, and with a heavier antiwar slant.

BTW, how's Winnipeg looking? I was thinking maybe yes, but now I'm leaning a bit no, partially due to the economy.

What with WHC being in Canada, and the economy and Homeland Security and all, I'm wondering if this WHC will be especially poorly attended?

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