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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Horraction Flicks

image Okay, I just streamed the recent remake of “Dawn of the Dead”.  The film has it’s moments  (the pre-credits scene is phenomenal), but never really becomes scary. In fact, by the last act, it devolves into an action flick and though characters die, there’s not a lot of drama or surprise  surrounding any of the deaths. Unfortunately, this type of flick has become pretty prevalent, so I’ve coined a new name for this type of film: horraction.

A horraction film, like those in the Resident Evil franchise, purport to be horror, but are rarely scary and involve a lot of gunplay and other action film tropes. These are NOT horror films, so feel free to use this new term…maybe if enough people use it, it will one day be Websterized. Heh.

Usage: Alex stood up in his seat and cheered when the hero machine-gunned down a row of zombies in the latest horraction film.

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