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Monday, April 13, 2009

$500 later…

The vet gave Cougar a blood test. Still waiting for the results. Cougar got to sleep in my bed last night – Fenix had to sleep in the living room. Cougar LOVED it. Of course, he was restless for the first couple of hours, having spent much of the day in a carrier, and he was loopy from the anesthesia, so he couldn’t walk more than a couple steps without losing his equilibrium and stumbling to the side. Didn’t stop him though. He was having too much fun. All I had to do was look at him or say “good boy” and he would come to me, jump up on the bed, miss, and fall to the floor. He’s a drive-by lover – gives me a head butt and then he’s off again…only to return, minutes later, with another affectionate head-butt. When he’s not being a holy terror, he’s a love bug.

So even though I have no news yet, he’s feeling pretty good right now and doesn’t even seem to notice one of his eyes is full of blood. I’d imagine it would be like looking through a really dark sunglass lens – one lens – but there’s no evidence of discomfort or vision problems at this time, so I have my fingers crossed. The doc said it could be caused by a number of things, but didn’t make any predictions, just mentioned a couple of the worst-case scenarios. I know I recently blogged that this wasn’t going to be my year, but damn, I didn’t expect anything like this.



Charles Gramlich said...

Well I'm glad he seems to be feeling OK. I hope you get good news soon about the problem.

syzygy13 said...

Go, Cougar! He's the love-bugginest. ;)

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