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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hunkering down…

Okay, this morning I went over the bills and canceled everything that wasn’t essential. That included my subscription to Safari Books, basic cable tv, Netflix, etc. It will save me a few dollars and, hopefully help me weather the economic downturn. The job market for what I do is moribund, to put it delicately, so it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting back into the biz any time soon, and when I do, it will likely be at a much lower rate. I’ll continue to look, but it’s pretty depressing out there right now.

I’ve kept my Zune account, as I’ve grown pretty dependent on it, and since I just paid for the next three months, and I have a free pass for another three months, it’s pretty much paid up through September…we’ll reassess when that time comes.

Oh, and I have this ginormous credit for PG&E because I autopay a set amount which is above my highest month (it’s been set up for years), so I won’t need to pay that bill for another six months or so either (I said it was ginormous!).

But the hardest part is going to be cooking more at home and taking my lunch to work with me. I don’t know WHY that’s so difficult for me, but it is. It’s not so much that I hate cooking, I just, well, yeah, I guess I do hate it. Heh. Need to work on that, I guess.

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layer said...

i've been thinking about doing all those things myself. still have a job for now, but you just never know. besides, think of how much more writing and gardening i might get done if i didn't spend so much time in front of my TV...

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