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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Confessions of a Hopeless Tablet PC Aficionado

I just got out of my writer’s group where they reviewed the first 80 pages of my novel, “Spirits of the Undead”, and the first thing that was said was: “You can only have one character per novel use a tablet PC!” Everyone chimed in in agreement.



But yeah, funny.


layer said...

i had the first 50 pages of my novel anatomy reviewed by my group last night, too. apparently what i need to do is include some even minor hint of plot. ah, nano.

Sumocat said...

Forget those guys. I saw two unrelated people using Tablet PCs the other day. Counting me, that's three Tablet PC users randomly collected in one office, and only one of us worked there. We're all over the place! :)

Clifford said...


Yahoo! Good to hear you're writing again...and getting reviewed! Way to go! And yeah, Nanonovels have a way of becoming rather insular in their creation...nothing that can't be fixed though!


Thanks man, I needed to hear that. Really. I did. I still get a thrill when I run into other tablet PC users -- as rare as that is -- and can't help striking up a conversation and finding out how they use theirs.

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