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Saturday, May 30, 2009


The last week has been rough, and I guess, the preceding ones too. Not sure why, exactly, and usually I can put my finger on it, but this time it’s not clear. I know it was so because my TMJ is acting up. My jaw is popping like crazy, and each pop sends a spike of pain through my jaw.  It’s not debilitating as it can become if I’m not very careful, but it’s there, and it’s sending me this warning:

Watch yourself, ignore me at your own peril.

So I listen. Because I have no other choice. If I don’t, the problem will excalate until the pain is non-stop, as sharp as the pain of a snapped bone, and it will completely incapacitate me for a week or more. This has happened to me three times. Not sure I could make it through another bout with my sanity in tact. Really. So the only thing I can do when my TMJ begins to flare up is to slow down, pull in, and take care of myself. Or else, the problem will escalate to dangerous proportions. So if I seem a bit aloof or non-responsive this week (and next), don’t take it personal. Hopefully, by the end of next week, I’ll be out of the danger zone.


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm sorry to hear this. I hope you feel better soon. Get some rest for sure.

Sidney said...

Hope it gets better soon.

Clifford said...

Thanks guys! I plan to head this one off.

syzygy13 said...

Thanks so much for letting us know, mister. We definitely want you to take care of yourself, and I will *not* take it in any way personal if I don't hear from you soon.

That being said, you wanna hang out tomorrow night? ;) Feel free to not answer; I'll know why I haven't heard from you.

Take care of yourself, and if there's something I can do, or bring you, you know my schedule is somewhat flexible. Please feel free to call on me.

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