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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cat vs. Cat

I thought I knew everything about cats. I really did. I've read half a dozen books on cat behavior and psychology. I've critiqued the books and often thought I knew better (for instance, I don't believe that the human/cat relationship is one of mother cat and kitten). I've taught my cats to shake hands, to walk on leash (Cougar), to use my toilet and to come when called (okay, mostly), but the fight that led to their current love/hate relationship has got me stumped. I know that I'm in the middle somehow -- I'm sure they both have marked me as theirs -- but I'm not sure how this devolved into the current situation. You see, it's been seven years of relative harmony...and then one fight led to a situation where they often (daily) want to kill each other. Then, after a separation cool-down period, they're okay for a while and even eagerly groom each other. This can last for hours...and then all it takes is a look to cause the growling, the screaming and sometimes, a horrible fight unless they're separated. It can happen any time of the day, but slumbery sleepy times usually are very peaceful.

So I've bought another book. Cat vs. Cat: Keeping Peace When You Have More Than One Cat. I hope this book is worth its weight in kibble. I really do. But I'm arrogant when it comes to cats. I think I know as much as anyone, but I admit, I need help. It's been four months since the original fight, and we've made a hell of a lot of progress, but I want it all. I want them to return to the state they were in before the fight. Somehow, I've got to make it happen...


Sidney said...

I hope the book helps. I knew a lady once who had cats who were litter mates, sisters, and hated each other over time.

I'm not sure what triggered that. The cats we've had the longest, Monty and Daisy, get along the least. Monty can sometimes be a real jerk as Christine puts it.

Clifford said...

Thanks man, I hope it works too. The first month I got almost no sleep...and now it's better, but I do keep them separated at night.

Clifford said...

Oh yeah, Sid, if it does work, I'll send it to you to see if there's some clue as to Monty and Daisy's dukes!

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