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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Where Ink Lives

In my last post, I bemoaned the paucity of ink on this tablet pc/creative writing blog, and you know what, someone read it. Not just someone, but none-other than the duke of digital blogging his bad self, Sumocat! Sumocat has been instrumental in making ink blogging a reality. He's shown us the way, by example, and by providing the community with a road map. So if you're interested in seeing what could be, check out his highly entertaining blog, Sumocat's Scribbles!


Sumocat said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Cliff. I actually found your blog a few weeks back, but was a bit too preoccupied to comment, as described on my blog. BTW, consider me trustworthy; I have two cats too! :)

Clifford said...

Cool! Glad you returned. And your cats are great! I've taught mine to use the toilet... it's a tricky proposition, but once it's done, man, it's great!

Sumocat said...

I have taught my cats to whine and harass me when they are hungry. Not quite as great as what you have taught yours.

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