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Monday, January 15, 2007

Don't Use No Double Negatives!


Sidney said...

Maybe it's word combos and euphemisims that will provide the shock for us in the future - there are some things that turn up on http://www.urbandictionary.com/ that rise to new heights.

Sumocat said...

I heard foul language all the time growing up, even in elementary school, but not at home. It naturally got more common as I went up in grade. I stopped "hearing" foul language in high school.

Now, I use foul language a lot in private, but little in public. I like to hold that back so that it has proper impact when used.

Stewart Sternberg said...

I think it is time to start a society for "THE PRESERVATION OF OBSCENE WORDS". Our mission statement: To maintain the purity and impact of certain negative terms in our language.

I suggest a protest. Maybe we should schedule a "FUCK-IN". Perhaps we should petition the legislature for a resolution proclaiming July 9 to be National Profanity Day.

Didn't President Cheney cut loose with an expletive on the house of congress when the sonovabitch was directing his anger at Lahey?

I think I'm going to go now and turn this into a posting.

Charles Gramlich said...

There are times when an epithet is just the right word, and it'll be a loss to writers everywhere when that word isn't there when we reach for it in the future. I'm with Stewart. Let's save the obscenities. Let's do it for the kids who one day will grow up to be writers. You know, I'm only partially being facetious.

Clifford said...


I'm all for the Fuck-in, Stewart! Fucking to save fuck -- what a concept! Me thinks you'll have no problem corralling the troops on this one!


Yeah, but aren't those more variations on a theme? Don't they kind of depend on the pre-existing groundwork that's been pioneered by our forefathers for their impact?


Good point. Personal restraint does count -- as long as you're directing the vitriol in at someone you care about or work with -- i.e., someone you spend enough time with for them to understand the fact that you've been saving it up...


Join us in the fuck-in! Do it for the kids!

Kate S said...

Hmm... this sort of reminds me of the Orgasms for Peace movement last month.

What a bunch of rabble-rousers you are. :)

Clifford said...


At 250 years old (based on you're profile, but we know how women lie about their age), you've probably heard it all. As for the Orgasms for Peace thing, man, that's cool!

Kate S said...

LOL, well 250 is all I'll own up to. :)

I guess it was my advanced age that made me forget the exact date of the "O" for Peace and started a day too early--then had to do it two days in a row, darnit. Sigh...an activist's work is never done.

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