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Monday, January 15, 2007

I've Got Phone. Again.

Okay, after a weekend without a mobile phone, I'm back in business. It arrived this morning and after reading the manual and entering a few basic bits, I'm back in business. Cell phones are one of those modern conveniences from which we can't return. No way. Society molds itself around new technology until they're so intwined that you can't figure out where one ends and the other begins. Kind of like a twister game on steroids. Glad I'm back in the game.


Sidney said...
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Sidney said...

Be careful with that cell and don't use it while sitting in a lawn chair. This happened in your neck of the woods: Man Burned when cell phone flares .

Clifford said...

Thanks for the warning...looks like the dude was lucky he was wearing "cotton" underwear! I don't think you have to do much reading between the lines to realize they saved his manhood!

I bet he was on Verizon!

Charles Gramlich said...

Manual? You read a manual? Ok, that is getting way to complicated for me. I'm still adjusting to power windows on my car.

Clifford said...

lol! I've written my share of manuals, so yeah, I read em. Cover to cover, usually. Does that make me a strange person?

Probably (:

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