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Friday, June 22, 2007

Movie Types

Funny, there are two types of moviegoers. Well, three, if you include date moviegoers, but right now I'm talking about something more casual. A night out with friends.

I'm in a cafe on Polk Street. Not the upscale Quetzal, or the English library coziness of It's a Grind, but the neighborhood questionableness of the Polk Street Royal Grounds...the quotient of crazy to normal folks isn't very positive but the vibe is pure San Francisco. It's open to midnight tonight, so I'm not complaining. At all.

But before I get down to what I came here for, I wanted to write this. Cause it was burning my consciousness moreso than the pleasant little diversion that was 1408 (more about the film in another post, hopefully).

So what are the two types? Those who watch the movie and then immediately go their separate ways and those who hang out over coffee or food and chat a bit -- extending the social experience beyond the end of the film.

I'm one of the latter, and always feel out of sorts when going to the movies with the watch-and-dash crowd.It seems, I don't know, unfinished if you don't hang out, reflect on the film a bit, and just talk for a bit. Otherwise, what's the point of sharing the more-going experience at all?

Fortunately, my friends come in both groups. Tonight, when one of my friends showed up at the theater and saw me, he said, "I can't believe you brought your laptop?"

Reality check: my laptop goes nearly everywhere with me. It's my constant companion. It's also sexy small, so its not a backbreaker. What? You didn't know I was a geek?

Anyway, I explained that if they didn't want to go out for coffee after the movie, I'd stop off at a cafe and write. But I made it clear that spending time with them came first.

Well, here I am.

Sure, we talked a bit after the flick as we walked to the car and the friend who drove dropped me off near my cafe.

I can't say I "get" the movie-and-dash type, but I have some ideas. Which, for once, I'll keep to myself (:


Sidney said...

I fail to carry my laptop a lot of the time, which is counter to what it's for. I almost have a phobia, I guess or a general resistance to carrying anything.

I ought to get better at that.

Clifford said...

Get a nice, small (ie expensive) one and you'll find you carry it around more often.

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