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Friday, June 22, 2007

Me Me Meme!

I don't usually do memes. In fact, I don't even know how to pronounce the word if the truth be known (and truth is what blogs are all about, right?). But a couple of blogger friends called me out, so I'm gonna play along. Besides, it's actually a pretty interesting idea. I'm just not all that into the electronic version of the chain letter (: I'm gonna pass on tagging other folks.

So the challenge? Reveal 8 random facts about yourself.

1. I'm afraid of fish.

2. I don't watch tv, but think I know what I'm missing.

3. I can be secretive.

4. I'm very uncomfortable in groups larger than 4 or 5 people, unless I know them well.

5. I'm an outsider.

6. I've less depth than most people think. Present company excluded, of course (:

7.  I'm an unorganized thinker and write from the gut rather than the brain.

8.  Organized religion freaks me out.

Okay, most of you probably knew these things about me already. But hey, I can be secretive.


Sidney said...

Well, since I got you into this, thanks for playing. As for what you're missing on TV, well I think there's more quality but also more general awfulness than ever before on the tube. There's more and more good stuff online. You may be ahead of the curve.

Clifford said...


I enjoyed reading yours so much, you suckered me in. So much for ideals!

As for tv, it's definitely on it's way to the Web. The DVR time-shifting generations has spoken loud and clear--"I want my entertainment on my terms". And so it shall be.

Kate S said...

Hey, those fish can be sneaky.

Land Shark. :)

Clifford said...


Don't even joke about such things!!! Do you know how terrifying the world would be if FISH roamed the earth!!!!

P.S. Haven't forgotten about your novel, Miss Authoress...got waylaid by life is all. Will get to it soon!

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