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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I can't help it...I'm a stud!

Not a week goes by without some gorgeous 20-something woman throwing herself at my My Space account, begging me to friend her! And I don't even use my My Space account!

Be jealous. Be very jealous.


Thomas M. Sipos said...
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Thomas M. Sipos said...

If you ever did use your MySpace account, you'd get some promotional value out of it. MySpace helped promote my Tabloid Witch Awards.

Of course, you'd have to build up your MySpace site. Tell more about yourself and your interests.

And unfortunately, it never ends. I no sooner opened a MySpace account last April, than I was told that MySpace was "so 2006." FaceBook is where the real "cool, cutting edge" people hang.

I haven't gotten around to creating a FaceBook account. I've so many websites, and 2 MySpace accounts, and now 4 Blogger blogs ... so much to keep updating!

Clifford said...

You know, you're probably right. But MySpace is just so damn ugly. The pages are like, covered in crap. That's the nicest way I can put it -- they just so offend my aesthetics (:

You didn't know I was a design snob, did you?

Charles Gramlich said...

How do you know they're not just after your money?

Clifford said...


Just because they want my credit card number and $39.95 a month to remain friends doesn't mean I don't still have it! A girl has needs...it cost a lot to maintain that kind of beauty for her man.

Sidney said...

Oh man, are Tatyana and her friends contacting you, too? I thought it was just me.

Clifford said...


I don't ask Tatyanna about her history, and she doesn't ask about mine (my little nickname for her is TART-yana!). She's so into me -- and at just $1.99 per minute, I can talk to her for like an hour a month and still be able to pay the rent! Like she always tells me, true love is priceless!

Thomas M. Sipos said...

It's true most MySpace pages are impossible to read, and they hurt the eyes.

But you don't have to do that to your page.

The problem is, you have a lot of amateurs who've never designed a webpage professionally, or even with any thought. They suddenly have access to all these "cool tools" like wallpaper and fonts and color, and they go crazy, using all of it, without any thought as to making the page readable.

"Look! I can do wallpaper! I'll put up a whole bunch of pictures! And I'll try out ALL the colors! And ALL the fonts! And I'll put everything on top of one another! Won't that be way cool!"

Kate S said...

LOL, aw, Cliff. I didn't know you had a MySpace. I'll have to look you up and beg to be your friend too. Of course, I'm twice as old as the nubile vixens hot on your trail, so I don't even charge anymore. :P

Clifford said...


If I can be a stud, you CERTAINLY can be a vixen! And a freebie? Oh my!

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