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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Okay, I've listened to the HorrorPops CD, Hell Yeah!, three or four times now, and the verdict is already in. First, let me state for the record that I'm a "groover" when if comes to music. I have to hear a song or CD a number of times before it gets under my skin. Until I groove to it. Sometimes, after a couple listens, a track or two hooks in and I wanna hear it again, right away. I don't though, cause I know they're just teasing me. They're false lovers. Flirts. The real McCoy, the unconditional infatuations, they don't show up until the seventh or eighth dance.

That said, the flirtations are nice. The lead singer's voice is great. I'd agree with Synergy Boy's assessment of their sound (he knows music a hell of a lot better than I do... I grokked that almost immediately. Oh, and he knows moons to!!) but I'd add pop to the mix. They know pop, and weave in just enough hooks to mainstream their sound. Think B-52s on their harder days (Cindy Wilson and Kate Pearson have few equals) and throw in a bit more attitude, harder melodies, and a nod (but not a visit) to goth, and you got yourself a sweet treat -- as much fun to hear as it is to eat!

Friday at Slims. Should be a blast!


Anonymous said...

I like the reference to the B-52s. I wouldn't have thought of it, but I think it's accurate.

Glad the flirtation's goin' on! I imagine Friday will fan that. ;)

BTW - I like "Synergy Boy." I think it suits.

BTW2 - I presume you know that Ani DiFranco will be at the Fillmore on April 8?

Clifford said...

Oh man, a couple months back I bought tickets to see her SPEAK at the Palace of Fine Arts, part of City Box Office series...I figured she'd do a concert around the same time, but couldn't find anything...Fillmore isn't on her site yet...but tickets go on sale on Sunday!!! I'm going...definitely...I don't miss an Ani show if at all possible...THANK YOU for notifying me. Wanna go?

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