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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Just like Synergy Boy and Cliff

1112horrorpops.gifOkay, I just got back from seeing the Horrorpops. What a great show! There were two bands that went on before the pops (Rocket and The Pink Spiders) that knew how to thrash, but when you go to a show, you're not going to see the opening act. Yeah, I've discovered a few of my current faves as openers for Ani, but in most cases, they're so much noise. And while both opening acts were poser-riffic, they didn't sonically make me wanna part with my money.

The Horrorpops did. Now, to be fair, I'd listened to two of their three CDs before attending, so I "knew" about a third of the the songs they performed (One of my favorites is a track from the new disc called "Thelma and Louise"). The band itself is fairly small -- drummer, bassist, and the queen of the night herself, playing this massive cello-like monstrosity alongside her just-above-the-bass vocals -- so they had a pair of dancers in white poofy mini dressess, white lace shawls and head dresses donned with bright red roses and skulls. The dancer"s lips were painted so it looked like their mouths had at one point been sewn shut. Very Nightmare Before Christmas. Kitschy fun.

So anyway, because I knew some of the songs and the Horrorpop's style, the show was a hell of a lot of fun! The room's energy (okay, being in the mosh pit area turned out to be a mistake -- a bit too much energy expended there) was high, and the show was an all around good time, if a little short. Maybe it was because I was having such a good time, but it seemed like they barely did a CD's worth of tunes before calling it a night (and waiting for us back stage to call em out for a 2-song encore).

The evening was thankfully dry and comfortably cool (or warm, depending on your perspective). Walking out in the night air after grooving in the warm club was refreshing. I'm glad my buddy Synergy Boy asked me to go -- it was great hanging out with him and listening to fun music.

What a Friday night!


Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like it ws definitely fun. I stay out of the mosh pits myself. Frankly, they came along after I was already probably too old.

Clifford said...

You're never too old...that's just a twisted concept propogated by the makers of Depends!

That said, there was a big ass sign stating that there was to be no mosh pit activity in the place...then, as they were changing bands, they lowered a movie screen to block off the activity while they projected a video collage...full of mosh pit scenes! Yipes! Talk about mixed messaging...anyway, I didn't know I was in the pit until the moshing began in earnest about 3 songs in...stupid, body pressing fun, really, but also annoying as it shifted your focus from the band. I totally get why the youth of today mosh...it's all about connecting in a way that's socially unacceptable, but infinitely pleasureable. Like the grade school kid hitting the little girl with the pig tails and not really knowing why (:

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