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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm been evicted!

I just got a call from my landlord...I have to be out of my apartment this weekend!

He didn't even care that I was sick. He wants me out. Now.

So in addition to being at death's door (arrrgh, no more violin playing, Cliff), I need to clean, fix, and pack up all my stuff.


But at least I've got a place to go. Across the hall. I'm moving from apartment 3 to apartment 4. Away from the noise of Fulton Street (though I will miss the spark of the electric bus at night), away from the Southern exposure that turns a beautiful 70s day into an inferno as the mid-day sun cranks things up, and away from a layout that requires you walk through my bedroom to get to the kitchen (the new apartment has the same layout, but they extended the hallway and opened a door from the kitchen to resolve this).

Yeah, this eviction is a good thing. Self-induced, even, but the call caught me off guard. Thought they would give me at least a week to get my poo together before moving day...

Anyway, so much to do, so little time, so little energy. But it's energizing nonetheless. Yes, my rent is going up a bit ($250/month), but I haven't had a rent increase since I moved in so it was going to go up anyway. And the best part? There's something of a view from my living room window...I can even see the Golden Gate Bridge...and my neighbor (who moved to a golf course in Palm Desert) said that sometimes, late at night, you can hear the fog horns. Oh man, there's nothing as melancholy and mournful as the sound of the fog horns...I love it!

I'll likely collapse into a pile of quivering jelly on Monday, but I guess it can't be helped. Sometimes you get what you ask for.


Phil said...

It's always good to hear some good 'bad news', if you
see what I mean.

(I come to your blog via the InkSeine postings on Gottabemobile's forums).

Clifford said...

Welcome, Phil! Don't get a lot of tableteer around here, unfortunately, but that's my fault, cause I rarely talk tablets here...but use them all the time. Hope to create my first Camtasia film of my use of InkSeine soon, though, as I'm having a blast with it.

Thomas M. Sipos said...

Glad things will work out for you (at least, it sounds that way).

But you see my point, about my not moving the San Francisco? It's beautiful, but it's even more expensive than Los Angeles!

I hate where I live (paper thin walls, noise, neighbor's cooking smells, yada, yada), and I hope to move out in a year or two. Preferably to someplace cheaper but nicer.

Which means I may have to leave California. But I'm getting too old to live in an increasingly over-crowded and expensive city.

Clifford said...

I hear you man, the costs are pretty insane. There are only 4 units in my building, and I'm the only tenant who's paying insane raters...the apartment I'm moving into was vacated last month by a woman who'd lived there 23 years! Because of rent control, she was paying less than 1k. My other two neighbors are also paying less than 1K. Whoever ends up renting my place will end up paying a fortune too. I won't be able to move again...not and stay in SF. My landlord likes me, so they're not charging me the going rate, but close.

That said, knowing you, you're going to have to find someplace that's good for an artisitic soul...if you find one, that's reasonably priced, let me know. Can't help feeling though, that the weather here would be good for you.

Charles Gramlich said...

YOu had me scared for a moment there. I thought maybe you were a dead beat and you'd be singing, "one bourbon, one scotch and one beer."

Anonymous said...

dude! wow, that sounds like a crapload of work. at least it's just across the hall. are you going to buy yourself pizza at the end?

we're breakin' in the new kitty this weekend, or i'd offer to come over for an hour or two, for moral support at least.

break no legs! ;)

Clifford said...

Synergy Boy,

I've got a solid oak desk with your name on it! Heh!

Okay, I lied. I've got a latticework plywood couch with Ikea's name on it though. Think I can pick it up with one hand, if I've eaten first.

And Pizza? Hmm..my rent went up, so I may have to do like JJ on Good Times and break out the Kool-aid!

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