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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Instant Karma: Just Add Water!

Okay, I just got off the bus...anyway, seated across from me were two, young, attractive women. Early 20s. One of them, with mousy brown hair, pipe-thin slacks, flat shoes, and a summer straw purse, was going on and on about the Tyra Banks show. Tyra had a guy on who was into really fat women, you see, and he was talking about how he loves it when his woman runs across the room, hefts her belly, then lets it flop on his face...he likes it when she sits on him (it hurts so good, understand)...he likes it when she eats major portions, etc. When she finally got to the end of her giggly tale of largess-lust, she said:

"I guess it takes all kinds," as she unscrewed her Crystal Geyser water and took a sip.

Then proceeded to choke on it.

I so loved that (:


Charles Gramlich said...

Lol. Must of been a carb ghost.

Kate S said...

*contented sigh*
Thank you, Clifford. I needed that. :o)

Clifford said...


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