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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I'm taking a sick day today. I need to get some things taken care of that I've let languish far too long. That's how most of my sick days go. Oh sure, I'm not feeling great this morning, but I could have gone in. I think it's the pressing stuff, pressing down on me, that made me stay home today.

Fortunately, I don't get sick a lot. So most of my sick days (abut 1-2 a quarter) are really mental health days. Days when I just need to do something else.

As a contractor, I don't necessarily have to "call in sick" -- I can pretty much just say that I'm not coming in today. But old habits die hard, so I'm officially sick. And nobody can tell me that I'm not (:

Update: My throat is now sore...I've been coughing...and downing echinacea. I guess I really was sicko this time. Damn, what a waste of time off (: I'm going to go out and walk through the fog to the Walgreens and get some throat goodies. Yeah, you heard me right, walk. Smart people hop in the car, or have their loved ones pick their drugs up for them (I live alone and loveless, so that's not gonna happen). Besides, I totally dig doing the wrong thing. Keeps you strong. Heh.


Charles Gramlich said...

It's very difficult to get things done when you work a regular weekly schedule. Sometimes you have to take a day or half a day.

Clifford said...


Ain't that the truth.

Kate S said...

Aw, Cliffy. Hope you feel better soon and get to take a real bogus day off. :o)

Clifford said...


Me too!

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