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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kissed by an angel

IMG_0128 Okay, tonight I got to meet one of those people you always wanted to meet: brilliant, funny, sexy, indignant, Air America talk show host Randi Rhodes. I've been a fan since the first time I heard her, and she, more than any other host, brought out my own indignant/angry streak.

Anyway, tonight was a benefit for the local Air America affiliate, Green 960. It was at a cool club called Broadway Studio, in the midst of a number of strip clubs, adult bookstores, and the historic and wonderful City Lights Books. Admission was only $5 -- which included pasta salad, chips and salsa, AND a free autographed picture of Randi Rhhodes. Cheap! I think they got the bar tab though, so they could make some money there. Tthe club, the band, and even Randi's expenses were donated, so they likely did pretty okay.

The house was full of wonderful people of all ages and colors and backgrounds. The energy and anticipation was high. And the best t-shirt of the night? It said: I HAVE A DREAM, and beneath the words was a picture of Bush and Cheney behind bars! If I only had my Visa card, I would have bought it off his back. Priceless!

Oh, and I can't forget that kiss. While Randi (we're on a first name basis now) was signing a picture for me, I gave her a kiss on the cheek. Though, I'm certain she wanted more (:


Charles Gramlich said...

So since she got kissed, and your title is kissed by an angel, It logically follows that YOU are the angel. Uh huh, yeah, OK.

Clifford said...

Hey man, I was wondering if you would catch that! It's true, totally true, ask anyone.

Well, almost anyone (:

Kate S said...


No doubt you are right, Cliff. ;)

Clifford said...

Thanks Kate for supporting my delusions. They're close friends of mine.

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