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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dance Hall Days!

My living room mirror...



Kate S said...

Ok, now I see you and your kitties pirouetting around the room. Though the cat in that picture seems like he's either going to attack the typewriter or start his own novel.

How do you like the Roomba? I just got one Sunday. Loving it.

Clifford said...

Roomba's rock! Though they're kind of fragile. Mine is acting up so I need to clean it well and see if I can't get it working correctly again.

When they work right, they are freaking cleaning monsters!

synergy boy said...

I have to say, a fluffy tutu did come to mind. Mainly for you, although Cougar (or is it Fenix?) is definitely a candidate for floofing as well. ;)

Clifford said...

Snyergy boy,

Have you been in my closet? By the way, the red one with the lace trim is missing...you woulnd't have any idea where it might be, would you? Just asking!

Cougar has too much pride to be caught dead in a tutu...but Fenix (in the pic) might be able to be convinced.

Carlos Ferrao said...

That mirror would make too self-conscious while writing. Argh!

Clifford said...


Whenever I need to write about someone disarmingly handsome, I just have to turn my head and look in the mirror and the words flow. Don't know why that is, but it works!

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