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Friday, March 21, 2008

Screen Christening Stuff

Last night, my buddy Synergy Boy came by to help me christen the new, "professionally" installed movie screen. We watched the wacky and wonderfully surreal masterpiece, Holy Mountain, while munching on orgasmic pizza and good conversation.

Relaxing, stimulating, and fun. I need more evenings like that.


synergy boy said...

It was, as Buffy's demon roommate said in ep1 of Season 4, "Superfun!" Thanks again. ;)

p.s. - did you get my e-mail response to your recent invitation for Thursday/Friday? I sent it from the account that got blocked recently. In case you didn't - Friday after 3:30pm, into the middlin' evening?

Clifford said...


Nope, didn't get your reply. Your account must block comcast accounts for some strange reason...hmmm...

As for friday after 3:30, sounds great! I'll call you to firm up the deets!

synergy boy said...

Sweet! ;)

I just sent a trouble ticket to my ISP. That's just not cool. Hopefully I'll have it cleared up soon.

Clifford said...


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