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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Amazing friends

I have some amazing friends, I really do. One of them just sent me an amazing e-mail of things to do and places to see in Manhattan...having lived there, he provided an insider's track. Now this wasn't just an alphabetical or hierarchical list, which would have been fine, but he went much further...here's a sample of one of the items:

Beekman Tower, Rooftop Bar - 3 Mitchell Place (E 49 St and 1st Av) - This building is only ~30 stories high but it is uniquely situated, so you get spectacular views of Western Queens, the United Nations, and the Upper East Side neighborhood of NYC. Drinks are pricey, but IMO it's well worth the investment. Try to visit on a weeknight, and call before you go -- occasionally they close the bar for weddings and special events. 212-355-7300, http://www.thebeekmanhotel.com/

And in addition to all the places he suggested so eloquently, he provided advice on transit, etc.

Damn, how lucky am I (:


Anonymous said...

So....how's NY so far? :-)

Clifford said...

Excellent!!! Even though I'm dealing with work issues in the evening (like post 1 am), I'm having a fantastic time!

Anonymous said...

Yay for fun! Boo for work!

You will have some DEMONHEAD to read soon... :-)

Clifford said...

Demonhead! Demonhead!! Demonhead!!!

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