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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Anonymous writing tip #387

Just write.

It's been said before by more writers than I can count, and I've always begrudgingly listened, but hell, everybody wants a magic bullet, right?

I realized today that that little pithy bon mot is the magic bullet. You see, I'm still working through my short story a month plan, and it's coming along pretty well, but it's work. I have five stories in the hopper and I'm working on story number six. Yeah, that will put me one ahead, again, which is where I want to be. I need to have a little cushion as I MAY do Nano again this November, so I won't be able to do a story in November. Unless I'm very, very good. Heh.

Anyway, I'm working on a story called "Everything Changes", and this morning I was about half done...but halfway to where? I had no idea yet where I was going with this story, and I had a busy day ahead. I needed to finish it tonight because it's a "reading" night at my writer's group tomorrow, and I wanted to read something fresh...very fresh...as an incentive to get this one done. So at lunch I fired up the tablet and began to polish what has come before. By the time I'd finished, I'd even created a new, groovilicious scene (at least, in my mind). So on my walk home, my head was buzzing with the impossibility of the task before me. And then it hit me -- the next scene and the final scene. When I got back home, I quickly jotted down the rest of the story...and now, it's just a matter of writing it out tonight and making it work. I'm amazed at the stuff I can pull out of my butt when I'm sitting on the pot! Writing begets writing!

So like they say, just write.


Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely good advice. I either get my best ideas while sitting at my computer, or occassionally while walking.

Anonymous said...

It is true, it is true. Just write. And yes, I do tend to work out plot snafus while I'm walking. Sometimes in yoga, but all the time when I'm on a long walk by myself.

Can't wait to hear the new story!!

Wonder Man said...

If I take a long bus ride, I can think of many plot lines and ideas

Clifford said...

Hey Wonder man,

Welcome! And yeah, bus rides can be very cool...good place to study character too, because there's a certain sort that, well, let's it all hang out on the bus.


Walking and yoga works...though, maybe your mind should be on your breathing during yoga (:


Man, it seems like we all get our best ideas when we're in that zone where we're not actively doing any brain work...hmmm

synergy boy said...

hell the frak yeah. thanks for the reminder, my friend.

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