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Friday, June 20, 2008

Just like they do in France…on occasion

Lemon bar anyone? ... Yum.I had my first French Press(ed) coffee tonight at a relatively new cafe called Apollo. I was in a good mood. Maybe a little more talkative than prudent. And so I ordered my very first French Press. I told the owner of the cafe that it was my first, and when he brought it to me, I asked, “What do I do with this?” He began to explain and as I fired question after question at him, he finally looked at me and said, “look it up on the Internet” and left. Heh. I did. And shared my newfound knowledge with him.

As I was leaving I thanked him for the help and he said, “Oh, so you’re just gonna walk out without paying for it?”

Doh! I pulled out my wallet and he said, “I’m only going to charge you three dollars, since it was your first one.” I tried to pay the full $4.50, but he refused. I promised to return for more and realized I’d just become the victim of one of those “the first one is free” type deals. The freaking pusher!


Charles Gramlich said...

Never heard of a French Press. Sounds like some kind of basketball move.

Clifford said...

It's actually pretty cool...you get a special pot with a plunger type pump that you slowly push down over a few minutes...the resulting coffee is pretty good. Course, that could be more due to the quality of the beans...will need to investigate more...

synergy boy said...

And it wasn't even free - only discounted!

What did you think of the press coffee? As I think I mentioned the other night, it's the only coffee I really, really like and look forward too. Just soooo smooooth.

At least, when you do it this way:

1. put grounds into french press (you can see an example here:


2. boil water

3. pour boiling water into press and put the top on, but do not press down.

4. wait 4 minutes (need to be pretty exact about this step)

5. press down slowly until the press reaches the bottom, separating the grounds and the liquid godness.

6. Pour and enjoy!

Mmmmm...nummy. Like (non) JCO's flirty comments. ;)

Clifford said...

Hey man, thanks for the directions! I might end up at the Goodwill checking out French Presses...

Well, I love good coffee, and the city is lousy with good coffee places...so yeah, this was good, though I'm not sure I did it right as it was a little weaker than I'd expected...smooth, but weaker than I'm used to. That said, I drank the entire pot by myself. He gave me a cutesy handless cup to drink it from, but I traded it in for a handled one because it was too freakin hot...

I will definitely try it again...but my next stop is a place called "Blue Bottle Cafe" in Hayes Valley -- they're supposed to have a New Orleans iced coffee with chicory that's to die for. Heh. I like dying.

Wonder Man said...

never tried it but you make sound interesting

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