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Friday, June 20, 2008

Unearthed buried intent

This comment, from the famously imfamous non-JCO is just too, too fantastic to remain buried in the comments. In response to my post about how sexy JCO is, I received the following comment:

Very well. I'm back again, the same web-anonymous non-JCO JCO who started this whole non-JCO thing.

It's not my tragic bedroom eyes that light your wick, Clifford. I think rather it is those wonderful stolen afternoons we've shared -- me laying before you with my pages spread wide -- you, probing me gently ... thoughtfully.

The innocent, on-the-edge-of-violated female characters I present you have seized and seduced you.

Give in and enjoy!

Man, is that beautiful, or what? Heh!

P.S. My wick? I feel all warm and tingly and gothic romanticized!


synergy boy said...

ah - ahem.

(i'd say 'my, my, my,' but i'm too out of breath.)


Charles Gramlich said...

I feel like I've intruded.

Kate S said...

I do hope you wore rubber gloves...

Clifford said...

Kate, I'm a gentleman...I don't page and talk (:

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