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Monday, July 07, 2008

Coffee for dinner! Yum!

Okay, I’m sitting in a cafe, drinking a pot of French Press that I pressed myself. Heh. And I’m thinking, a pot of coffee for dinner? Hmm. Okay, it does wonders for the diet and the late night surfing for opportunities (can you say, It’s 3am – why am I still awake?), but there’s something just not sticky enough about it. The last couple of weeks my diet’s been in a kind of limbo…I’ve eaten more and the pound-offage has stopped, but I haven’t eaten enough to reverse the process. Even the pizza slice I had in the wee hours during my fictive fugue didn’t seem to push the boundaries that far. So I’ve been in a holding pattern, and probably will be until after I find another job. I’m just not in the mood for total, responsible, kick-butt deprivation right now. So I’m NOT going to beat myself up over it. Disappointed. Yeah, of course, but not in a self-deprecating way – if I was, I’d do that binging at Tartine’s I warned you about (okay, I did have a morning bun there this weekend and almost died from pleasure, but that’s another obsession for a day when I’m feeling so saturated with myself that I can talk about another of my failures without absorbing it. Heh.). So it’s coffee tonight. Good coffee. More expensive than I should be spending with the amazing, shrinking bank account staring me between the eyes, but you know, it’s cheaper than a true dinner. So I imbibe in the good stuff. And squelch the internal conscientious objector.



synergy boy said...

yummm! french press. and gung ho with the not giving yourself a hard time. just a waste, and i know you'd rather use your energy to enjoy the coffee.

it is fun to press it yourself, isn't it? ;)

keep on, brother.


Clifford said...

Heh! Thanks man. By the way, I'm having coffee with a good friend for dinner tomorrow night, too! Woo hoo!

Charles Gramlich said...

I had intentions of losing some weight this summer. So far nothing.

Clifford said...


Hang in there, man. There's a time and a place for everything. When it's time, you'll lose it.

We will lose no pounds before its time. Or, something like that.

Minda said...

I'm right with ya on not dening yourself the good things in life. I shouldn't really be buying it but I'm gonna try to buy a bicycle this week for use here in my small town, exercise, and travel around the college campus this fall. Sometimes ya gotta spend a little "ME" money to keep afloat emotionally.

Sidney said...

Christine thinks that French Press coffee at least in the early a.m. doesn't have enough of a caffeine rush for her. It works for me. Addiction takes different paths with different people.

Clifford said...


Interesting...I read that you should finish drinking the pot within 20 minutes, because since the grounds are still in there, it's getting stronger and stronger. Takes me about an hour to drink a pot, so by the end, it seems really strong to me! But I drink my coffee black, so even the first cup seems pretty strong.

Wonder Man said...

stay strong, things will get better

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